The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control was established in 2001 with a generous donation of HK$41 millions from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trusts. Our current Director is Professor Timothy Kwok, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The mission of the Centre is to promote healthier bone for all and an improved quality of life for osteoporosis sufferers. To accomplish this mission, the Centre has the following objectives:

(1) Promote the prevention of osteoporosis;
(2) Provide assessments, diagnosis and treatment to osteoporotic patients;
(3) Provide rehabilitation and supporting services for patients with osteoporosis;
(4) Provide training for medical and allied health professionals in the field of osteoporosis;
(5) Conduct evidence-based research on the case-finding approach and secondary prevention of osteoporosis;
(6) Conduct scientific projects on osteoporosis, including genetic studies, phase III randomized clinical trials and epidemiological studies; and
(7) Initiate collaborative programmes for osteoporosis in and outside Hong Kong.

Centre Staff

Centre Staff includes: Professors, health service executive, physician, therapists, nurse, technician, research workers, and administrative staff. The main positions are as follows:

Professor Timothy Chi-Yui KWOK

General Manager
Ms. Patti LAM

Centre Physician
Dr. Dicky CHOY
Dr. Natalie SZETO

Centre Nurse
Miss Kitty LAM

Academic Research Staff
Dr. Anjo LU
Ms. Amany CHAN
Mr. Jason LEUNG
Miss Betty AU
Ms. Carol CHOY
Miss Josie YAU
Miss Blanche YU
Mr. Kinji LIU
Ms. Cyrena CHEANG
Miss Karen MAK
Ms. Tracy TSE
Miss Tamie CHAN
Miss Karsyn CHUNG

Outreach Coordinator
Ms. Tracy TSE

General Administration Staff
Ms. Ronnie CHOW
Ms. Ellis LI
Ms. Iris CHAK
Ms. Dorothy CHAN
Ms. Carol LEE
Ms. Candy HO

Management Committees
Professor Ping-Chung LEUNG
Professor Jack Chun-Yiu CHENG
Professor Jean WOO
Professor Suzanne Sut-Ying HO CHAN
Professor Tai-Fai FOK
Professor Christopher John HAINES

Professor Ling QIN
Professor James Francis GRIFFITH
Professor Samuel WONG

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