Past activities

21st Regional Osteoporosis Conference

27th June, 2021

21st Regional Osteoporosis Conference, organized by The Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong, was held on 27 June 2021. JOCOC and Hong Kong Osteoporosis Foundation were the supporting organizations. Prof Timothy Kowk, our Centre Director, was invited to speak for the Conference on Elderly Bone Health and Fracture Prevention.

There were over 350 participants, including doctors, healthcare workers and DXA technicians. Staff members of JOCOC attended the conference which was continuous education opportunity to them.

Details as follows:
Speaker : Prof Timothy Kwok, Centre Director
Topic : Prevention of Falls & Fractures in Elderly – A Home Based Virtual Intervention by LiFE
Watch online (before 15th August, 2021):

Short footage

TVB's program 'Revel in Retirement' interviewed our Centre on 22nd September, 2020.

In the TV program, Dr. Dicky CHOY, Centre Physician and Dr. LAW Sheung-wai, Clinical Associate Professor (Honorary), Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, illustrated ways about prevention and management of hip fracture as well as hip replacement surgery. Ms. Lily LIN, Occupational Therapist, also demonstrated simple home-based exercises for hip fracture prevention.
Let's stay tuned for the coming episode of the TV program!

Short footage: Click Here

【Facebook Live Health Talk: Fall and Osteoporosis Prevention】

Our Centre's Director, Professor Timothy Kwok, and Physician Dr. Dicky Choy were delighted to be invited as guest speakers for Big Silver's Facebook live health talks in July 2020. Topics related to fall prevention and osteoporosis prevention were discussed.

Information of the talks are as below:

  1. Speaker: Professor Timothy Kwok
    Content: Fall prevention and Self Hip Fracture Risk Assessment
    Watch online: Click Here
  2. Speaker: Dr. Dicky Choy
    Content: Osteoporosis Prevention and Medication; Myths on Osteoporosis
    Watch online: Click Here

Prof Timothy Kwok leads JOCOC to support HKOF & OSHK to publish a paper to illustrate 3 strategic recommendations on hip fractures prevention of older people.

Title: "Hip fractures are preventable: A proposal for osteoporosis screening and fall prevention in older people"

The paper discussed practical ways to reduce the burden of fractures and formulated three recommendations:

  1. All men (aged ≥70 years) and women (aged ≥65 years) should receive universal dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry assessment for osteoporosis
  2. All men (aged ≥70 years) and women (aged ≥65 years) with a fracture-risk assessment-derived 10-year risk (hip fracture with bone mineral density) ≥3% should receive ≥3 years of anti-osteoporotic treatment
  3. Comprehensive structured assessment (including dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) should be conducted in older patients with a history of falling
Published in Hong Kong Medical Journal (Volume 26, Number 3, JUNE 2020)
Full text:

Preventing hip fractures in Hong Kong's older population

Hip fracture in older people is preventable. There is a strong case for active screening for osteoporosis and fall risk in older people. Together with public education for healthy lifestyle and fall prevention, exercise interventions and anti-osteoporosis drugs in at risk individuals, there is every hope that the rising incidence of hip fracture in Hong Kong and elsewhere can be controlled.

- by Professor Timothy C.Y. Kwok

Elderly Falls & Fractures Prevention Online Workshop

Elderly Falls & Fractures Prevention Online Workshop

Elderly Falls & Fractures Prevention Online Workshop was successfully held on 10 November 2020. Please click below for the playback!

  1. Speaker: Professor Timothy Kwok, Centre Director
    Topic: Key Strategy on Falls and Fractures Prevention in Elderly
    Watch online: click here

  2. Speaker: Dr. Freddy Lam, Assistant Professor (Physiotherapy) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Topic: The risk factors of falls in old people and demonstration of simple balance and lower limb strength assessments.
    Watch online: click here

  3. Speaker: Ms. Lily Lin, Centre’s Occupational Therapist
    Topic: Common fall-related home environmental and behavioural risks, and their corresponding recommendations
    Watch online: click here

Coming up next in September 2020

TVB's program 'Revel in Retirement' interviewed our Centre on 18th Aug, 2020.

In the TV program, Prof. Timothy Chi-Yui KWOK, Geriatrician & Centre Director and Ms. Lily LIN, Occupational Therapist delivered messages on elderly bone health, falls and fractures prevention.
Let's stay tuned for the coming episode of the TV program:
At 9:10 am on 19 September (Sat), Channel 81 TVB Jade, and
At 8:30 pm on 22 September (Tue), Channel 85 TVB Financial Information Channel.
Behind the scenes: Click Here


20th Oct, 2019




Sky Post invites HKOF to participate



長者防跌專題在28/4(Sun) 晚上10:30播出

Golden Age Expo & Summit 2019

8-10 March 2019
Please reserve your time to attend

Elderly bone health program

(with Chinese version only)



Highlight of "The Secret of Bone Health in the Elderly" Health Talk Series 1 & 2

Venue: ELCHK, Shatin District Community Centre for the Golden-Aged
Date: 7th & 14th May, 2019

20th Regional Osteoporosis Conference

10th to 12th May, 2019

Our staff attended training & academic conference at the 20th Regional Osteoporosis Conference. There were over 200 participants, including doctors, healthcare workers and DXA technicians. Our centre was one of the supporting organizations.

The conference offered knowledge and regular training to our staff. On top of that, it was a chance for DXA technicians to test their skill, raising our centre service quality.

Hong Kong Open TV "Caretaker"

Full VOD:

Highlight of TVB finance information channel – Vital life line

15 April 2019
Topic: Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis

Conference of A&E Department in Prince of Wales Hospital

12th April, 2019

Centre representatives introduced "Elderly bone health program" to the healthcare workers.

The Way We Are – The 67th episode

7 April 2019 Commercial Radio Hong Kong
Topic: Elderly health care programme

Jockey Club Programme for Falls & Fractures Prevention for the Elderly Interim Programme Announcement - Press Conference

20 March 2019
School of Public Health, Prince of Wales Hospital
Reveals 30% of 1,500 Elderly Fallers Fall Again within 1 Year with Increased Fracture Risk

Golden Age Expo & Summit 2019

8-10 March 2019


The CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing – Network of Ageing Well for All

6 March 2019

The Salvation Army Tai Wo Hau Centre for Senior Citizens

23 February 2019

Jockey Club Programme for Falls & Fractures Prevention for the Elderly - Elderly fall prevention exercise class

18 February 2019

Press Conference on "CUHK Aisa's First 3D Bone Density Standard"

27 Nov 2018
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Central and Western District Health Festival 2018

3-4 November 2018

Kwai Tsing Bone Health Talk and BMD Assessment Programme

4 September – 10 October 2018


4 September – 10 October 2018

2018 World Osteoporosis Day

30 September 2018

Press Conference

12 May 2018

4th Asia-Pacific Bone & Mineral Research Meeting and Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention & Treatment Conference

11 - 13 May 2018

Conference detail

Luncheon Seminar

11 May 2018

Golden Age Expo & Summit 2018

26-28 January 2018


13 January 2018

2017 World Osteoporosis Day

5 November 2017

The Way We Are

17 Sep 2017 Commercial Radio Hong Kong
Topic: Elderly health care programme

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