Talk recording

WOD 2023

  Talk Content Speaker
0:23:55 The "fragile" in the second half of life Dr. Edward LEUNG
(Vice President, HKOF)
1:02:19 Am I osteoporotic? What if I have osteoporosis? Dr. Dicky CHOY
(Physician, JOCOC)
1:45:40 Fall prevention training in zero time Dr. Freddy LAM
(Registered Physiotherapist)
2:16:16 Healthy diet for fragile bone Ms. Joyce Kwan
(Registered Dietitian, TMDHC)

WOD 2021

01. Health Talk by Physician

The strategy for preventing fragility fractures in elderly

Dr. Dicky CHOY, Centre Physician

02. Health Talk by Tradition Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Bone health and post-fracture care for the elderly

Hung Sheung Sheung, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

03. Health Talk by Physiotherapist

Training concepts for fall prevention

Dr. Anthony Kwok, Associate Professor (Physiotherapy)

[JOCOC X JC Age@home] Gerontechnology Seminar – 15th December, 2021

Topic 1: Gerontechnology Fall Assessment and Service Referral

Speaker: Martin Lai (Occupational Therapist I, Hong Kong Red Cross)


Topic 2: Sharing on Interactive Workshops

Speaker: Roney Lee (Occupational Therapist II, Hong Kong Red Cross)


Topic 3: Fall Prevention Exercise workshop

Speaker: Dr Charlotte Tsang (Physiotherapist, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control)


Topic 4: Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise Program to Prevent Fall

Speaker: Lily Lin (Occupational therapist I, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control)



WOD 2018

01. The smart know

Self-assessment of the elderly's bone health

Centre Director,
Professor Timothy Chi-Yui KWOK

02. Easier said than done?

Manage your own bone health

Centre Physician,
Dr. Dicky CHOY

03. Fall Prevention (part 1)

Fall prevention exercise
1. Mastering the elderly's fall prevention exercise

Physical Therapist,
Dr. Freddy LAM

04. Fall Prevention (part 2)

Fall prevention exercise
2. Fall prevention training in daily life

Occupational Therapist,
Ms. Lily LIN

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