Mr. OS & Ms. OS study

About the Mr. OS and Ms. OS (Hong Kong) study

Mr. OS and Ms. OS (Hong Kong) is a cohort study to examine the determinants of osteoporotic fractures in older Chinese men and women. Mr. OS is also a part of a large-scale, multi-ethnic study (Mr. OS study) included men from Hong Kong, Sweden and USA. At the baseline visit (from 2001 to 2003), 2000 Chinese men and 2000 Chinese women 65 years old or over were recruited from local communities.

Explanatory powerpoint

Variables at various time points

An extensive database, including data from questionnaires, measurements and lab tests of different years have been archived.


Themes and publications

More than 150 publications were published by different coordinators in more than 20 areas including fracute, osteoporosis, bone imaging, frailty, sarcopenia and so on.

 ThemeCoordinatorNo. of papers
1Fracture/osteoporosisKwok T23
2Cognitive functionKwok T4
3FallKwok T5
4FrailtyWoo J12
5SarcopeniaWoo J12
6Spousal relationshipFung H1
7PsychologyFung H3
8Indoor airHo KF0
9EnvironmentLau K/Woo J3
10SleepWing YF3
11Vertebral #Wang YX7
12Bone imagingGriffith J16
13Accelerometry/Physical activityKwok T2
14Biomarker of ageingTang N13
15Dietary intakesWoo J11
16Lung functionKo F0
17Men's healthWong S8
18DepressionWong S9
19Vitamin DLee J4
20Sex hormoneKwok T7
21Sulphur containing amino acidsKwok T0
22Body fat/ Body compositionAuYeung TW9
23Social factorsWoo J2
24Others 2


Analysis Plan

Collaboration with Mr. OS and Ms. OS investigators is welcome. Please fill in the analysis plan form with additional 1-2 page analysis plan and email to


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